Are proud is building its first Dialysis Center in OklahomaU Essay On Pollution.

.are proud is building its first Dialysis Center in OklahomaU.S Essay On Pollution . Renal Care, a leading privately held provider of outpatient dialysis services, announced today, has to build a dialysis center in Grove, Oklahoma, started the company’s first in the state. The center is to open in December 2010, the company will bring the total of more than 5,500 patients served in 85 dialysis centers, home and specialty hospital dialysis programs and facilities. The expansion in the northeastern Oklahoma is part of USRC commitment to serving rural communities without dialysis or nephrology services. – We are delivering high quality care to patients with chronic and acute renal disease in small towns around the country committed to, said Chris Brengard, Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Renal Care We were with the goal with the goal and continue looking for new ways to fulfill this mission look. We believe patients, families and communities are healthier and stronger when a state-of-the – art facility is easily accessible. We are proud that our new factory in Grove individuals in the Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri will offer a convenient solution for their dialysis and nephrology needs. .

Shamsul ‘For years we have dreamed of building a high-quality dialysis center in Grove and we’re proud that U.S. Renal Care will help us make that dream,’said his Alam, medical director of the center in Grove is. ‘. For many people in our community, which is really a life-changing opportunity You now have best – in-class care, around the corner from their homes ‘.

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