Ana Gonzalez Angulo follow this link.

I would also like the faculty of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to recognize that are here, including Dr. Ana Gonzalez – Angulo, who will be the. Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of the US-Mexico partnership would you stand, Gonzalez – Angulo, there you are follow this link . Thank you so much And, of course, Kendra Woods, who has joined me in the world, if we had known these partnerships about breast cancer. – Twenty-five years of women in the United States. Talk about and scared to talk about breast cancer. They did not know how to protect themselves and the disease too late too late for effective treatment. All, as my friend and our Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Nancy Brinker founded altered. The Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure in 1982, the tribute to Nancy’s sister Susan, who died of breast cancer, unites sisters around the world under the pink ribbon that many of us carry today.

I thank you all in the audience, you today and that to end a part of this global effort to breast cancer Thank you all very much.

However, it remained of the main reason why obese people resistant to leptin primarily an open question. The new study by Ozcan the Team did this matter this question.

It was very exciting, Ozcan said the discovery. Normal mice dealt with the medicines came bit of weight and quickly recovered, however the knockout mice[ who were genetically predisposed to ER stress in brain] next to lose by weight. It demonstrates that ER stress relievers is leptin sensitizing. .