Although it is still early.

Although it is still early, the researchers suspect that the findings in mice could have implications for humans. ‘Because people do not over a vomeronasal system, many have speculated that they may not detect pheromones,’said Buck. ‘But these studies clearly indicate that the main olfactory system, the people have to do, capable of transmitting pheromone signals Therefore, if there are human pheromones. Though nobody identifies a – it would probably be the most important its signals olfactory. ‘.

The studies showed that the smell of clean litter some neurons upstream of GnRH neurons activated. This suggests that the animal’s environment could also influence GnRH neurons, perhaps signaling, I whether the animal is in an optimal environment for the pairing is Buck said.The key to development of skeletal muscle of embryos and fetus, satellite cells still to is active increasing muscle mass through infancy. Afterwards Quantity number and to rest, or inactive until they enabled due to injury or degeneration to proliferate. Process, body fix the damaged muscle works pretty well – to the point, said Vittorio Sartorelli c, Senior Investigator the NIAMS the Laboratory of MuscleExpress stem cell and Gene Regulation and lead author of the trial.

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