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After one year, the proportion of patients with renal impairment was 55 % for more intensive and 54 % for less intensive, compared to 78 % for cyclosporine. Patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose profiles were also more favorable with belatacept. check information

Durrbach et al. A phase III study of belatacept versus cyclosporine in kidney transplants Extended Criteria Donors Am J Transplant 10, 547-557 .Larsen et al. Rational development LEA29Y , a high – affinity variant of CTLA4-Ig with immunosuppressive properties , Am J Transplant5, 443 – 453 .Article in the scientific journal Immunity describes the history of the co-stimulation blocker:Dr. Larsen is an unpaid consultant to Bristol Myers Squibb’s belatacept.

This degree was partially supported by Avid Pharmaceuticals, maker of florbetapir , and grants from U.S. National Institutes of healthiness funding.

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