According to the researchers.

According to the researchers, the new role makes perfect biological and evolutionary sense because it well with another function of mitochondria as executioners of a biochemical cascade leading to programmed cell death or apoptosis. – ‘This is the first known in the immune response in the immune response that is involved in mitochondria,’said Zhijian ‘James’ Chen, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Chen and colleagues reported the discovery on 25 August 2005. At a very early publication the journal Cell.

Chen said that the newly discovered immunological rendered cell rendered by mitochondria makes good biological and evolutionary sense. ‘evolutionarily, it is believed that the mitochondria from ancient bacteria, which formed a symbiotic relationship with eukaryotic cells originated,’said Chen. ‘symbiosis symbiosis, the bacteria and the advantageous of advantage to another. Mitochondria have long been known to cause the main function of producing chemical energy for the cell, as well as a sense serve damage and apoptosis. Our discovery our discovery shows that another important function of the mitochondria, and that is in immunity, ‘he said.. Chen speculated that the mitochondria in immune system could guards because of their location near internal cell membranes where viral replication is have developed.The results show that osteoporosis was prevented from from developing, and In If already present, was able to be completely cured. Were of paramount importance levels of serotonin in the brain, indicating that the compound general circulation the general circulation of normally brain barrier cross the blood-brain barrier, so many potential side effects. Postmenopausal osteoporosis for the treatment on osteoporosis:.. On the basis your insight in said cell reported posits postulates Dr. Karsenty and his team, already present, synthesis ought to Shortly after for osteoporosis. Shortly thereafter, she read about a test preparation, such LP533401 known to which inhibit able serotonin in the gut.

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