According to researchers at Brigham and Women s Hospital in Boston.

According to researchers at Brigham and Women ‘s Hospital in Boston, the introduction of a system for the CD images of emergency transfer patients into the receiving institution picture archiving and communication system decreased Upload the rate of subsequent imaging by 17 %. Because, no central repository for medical images or a large machine to transfer images electronically between hospitals director said diagnostic imaging among the most important components in the hand-off of clinical information for patients between hospitals is transferred, said lead researcher Aaron Sodickson, director, said interim state of emergency radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Extrapolation of these results to the approximately 2.2 million patient transfers between American EDs each year, would the estimated annual reduction in CT utilization due to successful CD import PACS in the order of 484,000 CT scans be. ‘One of the objectives of our health care access to access to diagnostic imaging results at all locations involved in a patient care, either through implementation of a universal electronic medical record, image repositories, or robust image transmission networks, Sodickson said. ‘But to these solutions to reach maturity, in cooperation with Dr.l images can be downloaded from CDs in a standard, PACS – compatible format will the the care, reduce costs and to protect patients from unnecessary imaging exams ‘..2004-07. Practice evaluated strong out of patient, UKGPs were commended today by the British BP the market leader to the high level of satisfaction ratings in a survey of over a million patients over of three years. Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the BMA’s of GPs Committee on, GPs GPs greeted the results from an independent topic – improving practice questionnaire the IPQ – on of 1.2 million patients over the three years 2004-07.

He said, ‘More than eight out of ten patients assess their general satisfaction she visited the practice of this year as either an excellent or excellent , in the 21 out of 27 subjects patients say the things have improved and any areas show a fall of satisfaction with general practice of contentment with a opening times and appointment of times showed a marked improvement over the past year, This is the the hard work of doctors and their practices team. – ‘the the IPQ patient surveys be portion of the part of the Quality and Outcomes Framework the new GP agreement.