About the ECCO ESMOSince 1983.

Since this year, the bi-annual interdisciplinary conference organized by the European CanCer Organisation and the European Society for Medical Oncology is hosted. It is the only event in Europe that covers the entire spectrum of cancer of the basic research and translational research, prevention, treatment, care and supportive care products for all types of tumors.. About the ECCO – ESMOSince 1983, ECCO conference, organized every two years in order to promote the need for a multidisciplinary approach to cancer, and since then, Europe’s leading cancer meetings.

Foti will receive the award at the opening session of the ECCO 15 – 34th ESMO Multidisciplinary Congress. It is an extraordinary honor to receive this award from ECCO, a remarkable organization that cancer cancer organizations and you receive more than 50,000 cancer professionals in Europe, the excellence in research, education, policy and treatment promotes Because of its important mission. To encourage partnerships between individuals and organizations in field of cancer, AACR is one of them, ECCO have a tremendous impact on the quality of patient care, continue, said Foti. The AACR and I look forward to continued cooperation with ECCO to of cancer of cancer as a serious public health problem, promote international cooperation and to support research for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere.Top quality and a user-friendly IT infrastructures, such as those countries evenlity. In the carriers or bank are vital to the success of the exchange.

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