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About the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine http://www.acyclovirpills.org read more .The ACVIM is the national certifying organization for veterinary specialists in large and small animal internal medicine, cardiology, neurology and oncology The mission of the ACVIM is to enhance animal and human health by advancing Veterinary Internal Medicine by training, education and discovery. For more information, please visit.

This new therapy.st Canine Cancer TherapyPfizer Animal Health today announced that the U.S. Has Food and Drug Administration approved the first dog cancer treatment in the United States – PALLADIATM – Pfizer Pfizer to mast cells treat tumors in dogs. Pfizer Animal Health proud, the first dog cancer therapy approved by the FDA American experts U.S. Specialists approved their patients and caregivers, said George Fennell, vice president, Companion Animal Division, Pfizer Animal Health. In the weeks and months ahead, Pfizer will introduce PALLADIA boarded specialists to expand the body of clinical experience with this new therapy. Experiences during this time experience will allow us to support veterinarians we we purchase the product at make available, in early 2010, Fennell said.

announced a bio-pharmaceutical companies today that it the company continuing to clinical development of their osteoporosis drug, NB S101 , in the U.S. And around the the world markets. In addition, the company will realize the importance World Osteoporosis Day and and more people consciously his research devotes to improving the lives of people with osteoporosis. ‘We believe that NB S101 bringing a safe and effective new alternative therapy for millions of patients with osteoporosis Our product can be Designed and to a manner likely cost conscious cost conscious patients, doctors and to the marketed said Philip J. CEO. Osteologix ‘addition will our Free Newsletter expanded global patent portfolio, our shareholders a long service window the opportunity to realize returns on their investments. ‘ – to act Unlike other medicinal therapies available in the U.S. Being NB S101 a dual bone agent develops, not in water by patients by enhancing the bones in two ways. In contrast to the aggressive actions of the different therapies, which occasionally cause demure bone following several years of treatment, of strontium a moderate antibody resorptions medication that works also in order to increase bone mineralization indicate which patients stronger, unbreakable bone. Another decisive advantage of researcher noted being that strontium therapeutic an excellent option for the great number of women who or or bisphosphonate treatment. has.

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