A number of proteins must act on regions of the DNA strand.

A number of proteins must act on regions of the DNA strand, by binding to respective target sites. Essential functions are based on these operations, including gene expression, replication and repair of the damaged areas of the DNA molecule. But in eukaryotic cells, such as human, and part is 75 to 80 % 75 to 80 % of the DNA strand, and hidden in the nucleosome – inaccessible protein binding interactions.

Nucleosomes, Levitus explains, are essential components of the genome that access to access to DNA and protect it from damage. Nucleosome structure allows the entire strand of human DNA, about 6 feet in length the tightly packed in the nucleus of each cell – an area just 10 microns in diameter. This is done by fit fold into nucleosomes and higher order structures that. Culminated in the formation of chromosome.Note to Editors:Acute rejection Show Prices for patients with everolimus 3.0 mg / day or 1.5 mg / GB have been treated.