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A strain of yeast , which is capable of a high degree of artemisinic that was immediate precursor to artemisinin The existence of is known, relatively high returns chemistry for converting artemisinic artemisinin or other derivative that could be desired Given microbial produced artemisinic a viable source of this potent family of anti-malarial drugs, Keasling said when the yeast breakthrough to was first announced.. In 2004, Keasling $ 42,000 $ 42,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through the Institute for OneWorld Health, genetic manipulation.

Fermenting artemisinin via engineered microbes, such as yeast, may at far lower costs than extracting the drug from Artemsisia annua, the wormwood tree, making microbial-based artemisinin done a lot cheaper, but equally effective treatment. Restricting access to this technology responsible manufacturers bundle artemisinin as part of an anti-malarial drug cocktail rather than selling it as a monotherapy should delay or even prevent malaria parasites from developing resistance. Recently there have been reports of malaria parasites in West Africa showing some signs of resistance to artemisinin. The problem is that some manufacturers have sold artemisinin as a monotherapy is not as a co – therapy recommended by the World Health Organisation, said Jay Keasling, a chemical engineer with joint appointments at Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, the.Abdominal pain that an underlying condition which his act in been for my child with autism?

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